Jelinek cork wall and ceiling tiles compliment your imaginative, decorative and functional ideas. These cork tiles are available in a variety of patterns and thicknesses. Acoustical cork tiles, cork bark wall tiles, insulation cork wall tiles, standard and tackboard cork tiles, cork wall paper, Jelinek Cork Mosaic.

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Cork coverings are a naturally decorative and modern alternative to traditional wall and ceiling coverings. These cork wall coverings are available in a wide variety of unique styles, patterns and shades to compliment any décor or furniture style, and will add character and warmth to any room. Outstanding room designs created using cork to accent or contrast walls or ceilings.

Besides being decorative, cork coverings are also functional. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, these decorative coverings can also serve as tack and pin boards without damage to the cork. Ideal for offices, children’s rooms, and any other area where pinups are wanted. Cork is a natural insulator - both to temperature and acoustically.

Application consists of using a water-based contact cement also available from Jelinek Cork.

Cork Wall & Ceiling Panels are a naturally decorative alternative to traditional coverings. Available in a variety of patterns to compliment any decor. Though this cork wall covering tends to be more decorative than the more traditional looking coverings, the tiles are also functional - acoustical, insulation, pushpins (depending on thickness). These panels are 300mm x 600mm (approx. 11 3/4" x 23 1/2") with three thicknesses to choose from: Standard (3mm or 1/8" thick), Tackboard (6mm or 1/4" thick) and Acoustical (13mm or 1/2" thick).

Natural Cork Top Wall Tiles are individually produced directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. These tiles give walls, ceilings and other surfaces a uniquely natural look.

Insulation Cork Wall Tiles were designed for insulation purposes yet have multifunctional uses. Possessing excellent heat/cold insulation properties as well as acoustical insulation & anti-vibration properties, insulation cork tiles can also simultaneously function as wall/ceiling tiles and tackboards. Available in both dark and light grain.

Cork and Dry-erase Wallpapers: Cork wallpaper has all the beauty of cork providing a rich, natural look to any wall. Dry erase wallpaper is just that - it makes any surface a dry-erase/white board.

Jelinek Cork Mosaic Walls are produced from discarded wine corks creating beautiful, ecologically friendly walls.