Jelinek composition cork rolls and sheets are available in various sizes and with various grain densities. This multipurpose material can be used for bulletin board material, insulation material, flooring underlayment, gasket materials, shelf liner, crafts and more.

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Composition cork rolls and sheets are perhaps the most versatile of all cork products. These items are manufactured from natural cork grains and therefore maintain most of the same characteristics attributed to cork in its natural state. Different cork grain sizes create composition cork rolls and sheets in grades and appearances to satisfy specific purposes and uses.

Cork rolls and sheets are used for many products, including bulletin and tack boards, gaskets and protective pads, underlayment and insulating material, coasters, hot pads, model, crafts and hobby needs, shelf liner and much more.

BB13 Composition Cork Rolls are designed for use as economically priced bulletin board material.

BB14 Composition Cork Roll is a high end material ideally suited for bulletin board use, wall coverings and certain silk screening applications.

QuietCork is used as an effective sound deadening underlayment beneath ceramic and hardwood flooring.

CR117 is a fine grain composition cork material available in sheets. This material is suitable for bulletin board, coaster, silk screening or gasket applications.

Self Expanding cork sheets are suitable as jointing material in water retaining structures such as dams, reservoirs, sewage works, sea walls and swimming pools as it expands when in contact with water providing a perfect seal.

Linocork is a fine grained cork roll material with natural linseed oil and rosin binder secured to natural jute backing.

Semi Rigid Insulation Cork sheets have excellent heat/cold insulation properties. They also can simultaneously function as wall/ceiling tiles and tackboards.

Self-Adhesive cork rolls are available in different colors (blue, black, red, white, natural). These rolls are reinforced and self-healing with a self-adhesive backing for easy installation.

Dry Erase Wall Coverings make almost any surface a dry erase/white board. This clever wall covering is easily cut to cover whatever surface you choose - table, wall, conference room.