Contact cement, grout, moisture barriers, cleaners and other tools you may need when installing cork flooring, underlayment or wall & ceiling tiles.


Contact Cement 3M 1GAL More Details...

Contact Cement 3M 1 gallon container.

Coverage: approx. 175 sq.ft. area.

One coat for subfloor or wall area and one coat for back of tile.

Item Code: flpro-concem1

Price: $212.10



Contact Cement 3M 5GAL More Details...

Contact Cement 3M 5GAL

Coverage: approx. 875 sq.ft. area.

1 coat for subfloor or wall area and 1 coat for back of tile or roll.

Item Code: flpro-concem5

Price: $782.25



Platon Moisture Barrier 3.71'x50' More Details...

Platon Moisture Barrier 3.71'x50'. One roll covers 175 square feet.

Item Code: plato-371x50

Price: $108.40



Cork Mosaic Grout More Details...

Ideal grout for Cork Mosaic, tile, and stone installation. Covers approx. 17 square feet per bag. Easy to apply and clean. This quick-curing grout only requires the addition of water to mix. It includes BioBlock(tm) antimicrobial technology.

Item Code: flgro

Price: $27.00



Effeclean™ Genuine Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner More Details...

Our recommended floor cleaner for cork flooring is Effeclean™ Genuine Eco Hardwood Floor Cleaner. This floor cleaner is specially formulated for the care and cleaning of varnish, acrylic, polyurethane, solid wood, engineered floors and laminate floors. This product is safe, easy to use straight from the bottle. Provide great results without any harmful VOC’s or toxic film residue, cleans streak free and maintains the warmth and elegance of a new hardwood floor for years.

Fragrance Free, Safe for the environment.

Size: 946 mL

Sold per 946 mL bottle.

Item Code: flpro-cleanereffe

Price: $8.50



Ezy Polyurethane Water-borne Finish - 1 Gallon More Details...

Ezy polyurthetane is a mono component polyurethane waterborne finish that is very resistant to wear. With a high level of transparency, Ezy finish maintains the natural look of the cork floor it is protecting and offers excellent coverage. 

Ezy polyurethane waterborne finish is in 1 gallon containers. Each container covers approx. 350 - 400 square feet (1 coat). When applying to an unfinished cork floor, 3 coats of polyurethane are recommended. Please follow manufacturer's directions on the container for applying Ezy polyurethane. 

Item Code: flpro-ezyfinish

Price: $99.95