Eco-Friendly Lower Density Insulation Cork for Efficient Thermal Insulation

Semi rigid insulation cork sheets or expanded cork board are designed for insulation purposes with excellent heat/cold insulation properties. These sheets are naturally dark (nearly black) in color and although designed for insulation purposes they do have multifunctional uses. Sheets are available in various thicknesses and interior and exterior grade and with or without shiplap edges.

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7 Products

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Semi Rigid Cork Insulation Sheets - 2" x 12" x 36" | Carton of 12
USD ‎266.40

Carton of 12


Semi Rigid Cork Insulation Sheet - 1" x 12" x 36" | Carton of 24
USD ‎279.70

Carton of 24


Semi Rigid Insulation Sheet - 1/2" x 12" x 36" | Carton of 48
USD ‎399.55

Carton of 48