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SL02 | Tapered Cork Stoppers, Natural Short Length | Bag of 100

SKU tcshort-csl02nats-b100
DIMENSIONS 12.7mm Top x 10.3mm Bottom x 12.7mm Length
SALE UNIT Bag of 100
USD ‎20.25
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About this Item

The naturally sourced and sustainable design of the tapered cork is the environmentally-friendly and reliable way to seal your containers. Used in many industries for unlimited purposes including construction, crafting, science and laboratory. Also known as end plugs, masking plugs, hole fillers and bungs.

SL tapered cork stoppers are typically shorter in length than standard RL tapered corks, making them ideal for use with test tubes, shorter necked bottles or jars. The tapered shape also allows one stopper size to fit various sized openings. They work well for decorative or craft purposes, such as creating cork art or jewelry. They are also used for fly fishing poppers & lures.


  • Natural sustainable solid cork
  • Tapered Design
  • Shorter length
  • Package Quantity 100

Sold per bag of 100 pieces.

Item Details

Size: SL02
Top Diameter (large end): 12.7mm (1/2 inch).
Length: 12.7mm (1/2 inch).
Bottom Diameter (small end): 10.3mm (13/32 inch).
Material: Natural cork
Pack Size: 100 pieces.

Other Information

Versatile and reliable, SL shorter length corks are perfect for home or commercial use.

View: SL Tapered Cork Standard Size Reference Chart

Due to the natural characteristics of cork along with the variations in technology displays, the color of the tapered corks may vary from the image. There may also be color variations within packs.

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