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Pebble Glue Down Cork Flooring | Pack of 11

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About this Item

Select a tried and true cork flooring pattern. Our Pebble glue down flooring pattern was inspired by the early cork floor tiles of the 19th century. Pebble is perfect for historical reproduction of Edwardian and art-deco eras and is also a popular voice for modern minimalist styles. The solid cork floor tile warms & enriches any interior, blending beautifully with other decors and furniture.

Cork has natural advantages when used as flooring compared to traditional laminates, hardwoods, and carpets. Cork flooring is naturally compressible due to its honeycomb cellular structure, which makes it more comfortable to stand on and easier on your joints than traditional hardwood or ceramic flooring. Cork is also a naturally insulating material - meaning cork flooring stays warm, even when it’s cold. The insulating properties of cork also help mute footfalls and echoing. Finally, cork flooring is a natural product that is healthier for your home when compared to carpet and LVP flooring due to its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.


  • Reduces Joint Fatigue from Standing
  • Excellent Sound Absorption and Acoustic Values
  • Insulating Properties Keep Cork Warm - Even in the Winter
  • Easy to Care for
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pre-finished with Factory Finish
  • Glue Down Installation

Price is per pack. Each pack is 11 tiles or approximately 11 sq ft (0.99m2).

Item Details

Tile Dimensions:

Length: 300mm (approx 11 3/4in)
Width: 300mm (approx 11 3/4in)
Thickness: 4mm (approx 5/32in)
Area per Tile: 0.09m2 (approx 1 sq ft)

Each pack contains 11 tiles (0.99m2 or approx 11 sqft)

This tile is pre-finished with urethane, which provides a durable and long-lasting finish. If you prefer an unfinished tile, sanded tiles are available upon request with a minimum order quantity.

Other Information

Glue down floor tiles are designed to be adhered to the subfloor with contact cement. For a glue-free installation, we recommend our floating flooring tiles.

Trying to decide between glue down and floating flooring? Read our cork flooring buying guide.

Installation Instructions
Read & Print Instructions: Jelinek Cork Glue Down Flooring - Installation Instructions
Watch an installation video:

Due to the natural characteristics of cork, the pattern may vary slightly from tile to tile. For best results, we recommend ordering all the tiles for a project at once to ensure that the tiles are from the same lot. Variations in screen settings and technology may cause the actual color to vary slightly from the image on the screen.

Learn more about Cork Flooring at jelinek.com

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