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BB13 Cork Roll | 5.5mm X 48in X 107ft

SKU rob13-55x48
SALE UNIT 107 lft Roll
USD ‎1,186.10
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About this Item

BB13 cork rolls are an economical medium-density cork roll designed for large bulletin boards, and industrial applications. BB13 cork rolls are easy to work with and cut to size using a utility knife. For bulletin board applications, we recommend a thickness of 5.5mm or greater. Alternatively, a thinner cork roll adhered to a backing totaling 5.5mm or greater can be used.


  • Natural & Sustainable Material
  • Easy to Cut to Size
  • ‘Self Healing’ Cork
  • Economical

Price is per roll.

Item Details

Roll Dimensions
Length: 33.2m (107ft)
Width: 1.2m (48in)
Thickness: 5.5mm (7/32in)

Other Information

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Composition cork rolls and sheets are perhaps the most versatile of all cork products. Cork rolls and cork sheets are manufactured from natural cork grains and therefore maintain most of the same characteristics attributed to cork in its natural state. Different cork grain sizes create composition cork rolls and cork sheets in grades and appearances to satisfy specific purposes and uses.

Cork rolls and cork sheets are used for many products, including bulletin boards and tack boards, gaskets and protective pads, underlayment and insulating material, coasters, hot pads, model, crafts and hobby needs, shelf liner, dart board backer and much more.

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