Cork Distance Pads

Distance cork pads safely separate glass sheets, car glasses, marble and other fragile materials during both transportation and storage. Distance cork pads are combined with non-marking foam and can be purchased in various sizes to meet your requirements.

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4 Products

Cork Distance Pads | 18mm x 18mm x 5mm squares | Sheet of 81
USD ‎2.95

Sheet of 81


Cork Distance Pads | 25mm x 25mm x 7mm Squares | Sheet of 36
USD ‎4.75

Sheet of 36


Cork Distance Pads | 15mm x 15mm x 5mm squares | Sheet of 132
USD ‎2.95

Sheet of 132


This item is currently out of stock, but can still be ordered. We'll ship it to you once available. Contact us if you have questions.

Cork Distance Pads | 12mm x 12mm x 5mm squares | Sheet of 156
USD ‎2.95

Sheet of 156