Jelinek Cork Yoga Wedge

Jelinek Cork yoga wedges are made of all-natural, sustainable cork. The many characteristics of cork – light in weight, soft to the touch, durable, warm – make cork naturally yoga friendly. The natural texture and flexibility of cork creates a non-slip surface and provides optimum comfort and support during exercise and poses. This versatile yoga prop can be used in poses which put pressure on your joints to help you get more out of your stretch.

Each Jelinek Cork Yoga Wedge is 22.5” long by 3-3/4” wide. There is a 1" flat ridge at the maximum height of 1-1/4” and then a taper to 1/4".

Price is per yoga wedge.

Item Code: yogaw-std

Price: $36.00

    • - 100% all-natural cork
    • - Flexible, sturdy & durable
    • - Excellent traction & stability
    • - Adds comfort and support to joints
    • - Multi-use cork wedge

    Dimensions: 22.5” long x 3-3/4” wide x 1-1/4” tall (57cm x 9.5cm x 3cm)

    Flexible, durable cork yoga wedges provide excellent traction and stability adding comfort and support during exercise and poses.
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