Virgin Cork Bark - Flat

Virgin Cork is the term given to the bark of the cork tree the first time it is harvested. This bark has a rough, natural texture which is non-toxic. All natural, renewable virgin cork bark is the ideal decor for terrariums, vivariums and reptile enclosures. It provides a healthy and safe shelter for lizards, frogs and other creatures to hide, sleep and climb on. Plants love it too - especially orchids and bromeliads. It is frequently used in nurseries and greenhouses for growing vines, orchids, and other plants. Reptile owners use cork bark to imitate the natural look and feel of trees in the forest, or desert terrain. Along the same lines, zoos around the world use cork bark to create a natural habitat and museums also use cork bark extensively in their exhibits.

Virgin Cork Bark - Flat. Mixed Sizes. These pieces of natural cork bark are flatter than the curved pieces.

Price is per kilogram (approx. 2.2 pounds).

Pieces are approximately 1-3 feet in length and one square foot roughly equals one pound.

Note: We can only ship cork bark within the USA. We cannot ship cork bark to Canada.

Item Code: barkc-f

Price: CAD ‎48.40

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