Underlayment Rolls

QuietCork material is widely used as an effective sound deadening underlayment beneath ceramic, hardwood and other types of flooring. Also suitable for a variety of other uses ranging from spacers, gasket applications, insoles and base materials.

Cork rolls are sold in full roll lengths.The length of each cork roll varies depending on the selected thickness.

Additional technical details on QuietCork underlayment can be found on the QuietCork site: www.quietcork.com

QuietCORK Roll - 2.5mmx48"x105' More Details...

QuietCORK Roll - 2.5mm thick x 48" wide x 105' long.

Sold per roll of 105 linear feet.

Item Code: roqui-25x49

Price: $323.40


QuietCORK Roll - 3.0mmx48"x88' More Details...

QuietCORK Roll - 3.0mm thick x 48" wide x 88' long.

Sold per roll of 88 linear feet.

Item Code: roqui-30x49

Price: $328.35


QuietCORK Roll - 4.0mmx48"x66' More Details...

QuietCORK Roll - 4.0mm thick x 48" wide x 66' long.

Sold per roll of 66 linear feet.

Item Code: roqui-40x49

Price: $324.45


QuietCORK Roll - 5.0mmx37"x52' More Details...

QuietCORK Roll - 5.0mm thick x 37" wide x 52' long.

Sold per roll of 52 linear feet.

Item Code: roqui-50x37

Price: $260.35


QuietCORK Roll - 6.0mmx48"x50' More Details...

QuietCORK underlayment has superior sound deadening qualities perfect
for use under hardwood, laminate, ceramic and cork flooring. 

This roll of cork underlayment is 48 inches wide and 50 feet long x 6mm (approx. 1/4") thick. Each roll covers 200 square feet.

Sold per roll of 50 linear feet.

Item Code: roqui-60x49

Price: $251.65