Glossy Black Shrink Caps, 36x50mm - bag of 50

Glossy Black PVC Shrink Capsules.
Dimensions: 36x50mm
Gold tab tear off strip. 

Provide a professional, attractive, tamper-evident finish to your bottles with our large selection of shrink capsules. Ideal for home and commercial wine and distilleries or any bottles or containers needing an extra seal.

Ideal temperatures for shrinking PVC capsules range from 180-260 degrees Fahrenheit, for many handheld devices. For larger steam tunnel machinery, successful temperatures can range from 260-280 degrees Fahrenheit. Note that it is very important to have consistent airflow that circulates around the entire neck in order to achieve a good result. Bottlenecks must be relatively dry and free of liquid containing sugar during PVC capsule application in order to achieve optimal results.

Sold in quantities of 50. Price is per bag of 50 pieces.

Note: If purchasing multiple bags, they may be bulk packed. For example, if ordering 5 bags of 50 pieces all 250 pieces may be in one bag.

Select the number of bags required. Each bag contains 50 pieces.

Item Code: shrink-071-p50


1CAD ‎12.00
2 – 9CAD ‎10.05
10 – 19CAD ‎8.05
20 +CAD ‎6.00

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