Semi Rigid Cork Insulation Sheets - 2" x 19.7" x 39.4" - Pallet of 60 Sheets

Semi rigid insulation cork sheets are also known as expanded cork board. These cork sheets are naturally dark brown (nearly black) in color and although designed for insulation purposes they do have multi-functional uses. The Semi rigid insulation cork sheets possess excellent heat/cold insulation properties they also can simultaneously function as wall/ceiling tiles and tackboards (bulletin boards). They are made of 100% natural cork. There is no binder. The baking process of cork granules releases a natural adhesive which causes the granules to adhere to each other forming a semi-rigid board. This process does result in a slight "burnt cork" smell which will dissipate over time. They sheets are also used to reduce vibration of machinery and under model train sets. Semi rigid insulation cork sheets boast an R-value of 3.7 per inch.

Dimensions per board (sheet): 39.4" x 19.7" x 2" thick (1000mm x 500mm x 50mm thick).

Sold per pallet of 60 sheets. Each pallet contains approx. 316.8 square feet. Price is per pallet.

Item Code: shins-50x500x1000-60PK

Price: $1,413.35

    • Insulating corkboard 2" thick
    • Pallet contains 60 boards (sheets)
    • Each sheet is 39.4"x19.7"x2" thick (1000x500x50mm)
    • 100% natural cork. Absolutely no binder used in production.
    • Used for building insulation, tackboard, wall decor, anti vibration and more.
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