Tapered Cork Natural Short Length - SL10 - Bag of 80

Natural tapered cork stoppers in shorter length. Available in an ultra-convenient bag of 80 tapered corks. The naturally sourced and sustainable design of the tapered cork is the environmentally-friendly and reliable way to seal your containers. Used in many industries for unlimited purposes including construction, crafting, science and laboratory. Also known as end plugs, masking plugs, hole fillers.

  • Naturally Sustainable Cork
  • Natural, solid cork
  • Tapered Design
  • Package Quantity 80

Dimensions of SL10 Natural Short Length SL Tapered Cork:
Top Diameter (large end): 1 inch (25.4mm).
Length: 1 inch (25.4mm).
Bottom Diameter (small end): 13/16 inch (20.6mm).

Price is per bag of 80 pieces.

Item Code: tcshort-csl10nats-b80

Price: $57.50

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