Plastic Top Cork - Beige Synthetic Stopper (19.5mm dia.) with Black Plastic Top

19.5mm Beige Synthetic Cork Closure with 29x9mm Ribbed Black Plastic Cap.


  • Cap (top) Materials: Plastic Cap
  • Cap Diameter: 29mm
  • Cap Height: 9mm
  • Cap Sides: Ribbed
  • Rounded Edge on base of stem
  • Stem (shank) Material: Synthetic
  • Stem Diameter: 19.5mm

Synthetic cork closure with a ribbed plastic cap. The cap is 29mm in diameter and 9mm in height. The side of the cap is ribbed with a straight top and straight bottom edge. The closure is assembled using a synthetic stem, with a 19.5mm diameter. The ends of the stem are rounded.

Price is per piece. Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

Item Code: pltop-sybk195

Price: $1.00

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