Jelinek Cork Placemats

Bring style and protection to your table top with this set of 4 cork placemats. Each placemat is made from cork, which insulates against heat and sound, shielding your table from hot dishes and minimizing noise when plates and cutlery are set down. The neutral color and pattern of cork also makes these cork placemats an effortless match for any home’s décor. Cork Placemats by Jelinek Cork - Made in Canada.

  • Natural traction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Water and heat-resistant
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth

Dimensions: 11” x 17” x 1/8" thick (27.9 cm x 43.2 cm x 3mm).

Sold per pack of 4 placemats.

Item Code: plmat-aggcork-p4

Price: $23.55

  • Protect your tables with cork placemats. The natural characteristics of cork provide a surface which features natural traction to hold the mats in place and help minimize spills.
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