Cork Floor, Nightshade Varnished, Microbevel, Lot of 297 tiles

Special - Full Lot Pricing - Sold per full lot of 297 tiles (approx. 594 square feet)

Cork Glue Down Floor Tiles

Pattern: Nightshade
Finish: Varnished
Tile Size: 600mm x 300mm x 6mm (approx. 24" x 12" x 1/4")
Lot size: Lot of 297 Tiles (covers approx 594 sqft)

This tile has a microbevel along all edges of the tile. 

*** Special - Full Lot Pricing - Limited Stock Remains ***

Price is for full lot of 297 tiles (approx. 594 sq.ft).

Item Code: fldec-nightshade-v-297t

Price: CAD ‎2,079.00

  • This cork floor is installed by gluing the tiles to the subfloor using contact cement. See the Technical Tab for installation instructions.

    Due to the natural characteristics of cork along with the variations in technology displays, the color of the tile may vary slightly from the image.
  • This is a glue-down cork floor tile. The floor is installed by gluing it directly to your sub floor using a water-based contact cement.
    Installation Instructions
    Learn about the Natural Characteristics of Cork Flooring.
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