Fishing Floats

Floats are available in various shapes, sizes, weights, and finishes. They are the traditional floats used for decades by fishermen around the world. Fishing floats can be natural or colored and remain buoyant for a lifetime, and are not effected by water -- either fresh or salt.


Fishing Floats - PC 1106 More Details...

Fishing Floats - PC 1106.
Dimensions: 25mm x 18mm

Price is per piece.

Item Code: fishf-pc1106

Price: CAD ‎1.60



Fishing Floats - PC 1112 More Details...

Fishing Floats - PC 1112.
Dimensions: 60mm x 35mm.

Price is per piece.

Item Code: fishf-pc1112

Price: CAD ‎3.60



Fishing Net Float, Natural Cork Ring More Details...

Natural cork ring floats for fishing nets. This natural cork ring is commonly used to support fishing nets whether for actual use or for decoration.

Dimensions: Approx. 6" diameter x 1-1/2" to 2" thick with approx. 1/2" center hole.

Neither string/rope or net included. Sold per ring.

Item Code: fishf-net6x1.5h

Price: CAD ‎10.75