Cork Sanding & Waxing Blocks

Cork sanding & waxing blocks are frequently used for ski wax or sanding applications which is easy on the hand. When used for sanding, these are the perfect carpenter’s helper. Light in weight, soft to the touch, gentle on sanding surfaces, and durable. Sandpaper easily holds to cork blocks. When used for waxing skis, wax is applied smoothly and evenly to skis without danger of scratching or other damage to ski surfaces. Blocks are durable yet gentle on hands with beveled upper edges allowing for firm grip.


Sanding/Waxing Block with grip More Details...

Natural cork blocks are ideal for sanding and/or ski waxing applications. These cork blocks are light in weight, soft to the touch, gentle on surfaces, and durable. The beveled upper edges provide an easy grip

Dimensions: 3" long x 2" tall x 1-1/2" wide

Item Code: waxbl-griplg

Price: CAD ‎3.65