BB13 Mini Cork Roll - Precut Lengths

BB13 composition cork rolls are designed for use as an economically
priced bulletin board material. Thicknesses of 5.5mm (approx. 7/32") or greater are
recommended for pushpins though thinner material can also be used with a
backing. Also ideal for certain gasket applications, shipping and
spacer pads, protective backing and numerous other industrial,
commercial and hobby requirements.

Item Code: rob13m

Price: $112.35 – $230.10

  • Composition cork roll - BB13. Mini rolls are precut to standard lengths. These rolls are 48" wide (approx. 1.2 meters) and available in various thicknesses. Be sure to confirm the roll thickness before ordering.

    2.5mm = approx. 3/32" thick
    3.0mm = approx. 1/8" thick
    5.0mm = approx. 3/16" thick
    5.5mm = approx. 7/32" thick
    6.0mm =approx. 1/4" thick
  • Watch: Installing a cork roll on a wall (Video)
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