Cork Wall Tile - Arizona - Natural Arizona Cork Belly Tile

The Arizona Cork wall tile is made of the natural cork belly of the cork bark. This is the part of the cork that grows closest to the tree. Note: Harvesting the cork does not harm this tree, the cork grows back only to be harvested time after time. Cork is a truly sustainable resource.

This unique cork wall tile is hand produced. The Arizona Cork tile can be used on walls and/or ceilings to add texture, warmth and character to any room. Note: This tile is not smooth as it uses the natural texture of the cork tree.

Besides walls and ceilings, bark tiles can also be used has highlighting areas for dramatic effect – sides of desks or cabinets, pillars, in plant areas or wherever nature should come indoors.

Style: Arizona
Tile Size: 300mm x 600mm x varying thickness
(approx. 12 inch x 24 inch x varying thickness). Due to the natural characteristics of cork, these vary between approx. 1.5cm and 2.5cm in thickness.

Price is per pack of 2 cork tiles (approx. 4 square feet)

Item Code: wlbar-ari30060025

Price: CAD ‎83.15

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