Champagne Cork 48mmx30.5mm

Champagne Cork Stopper - 48mm x 30.5mm. Composed of an agglomerate cork body with natural cork discs.

Pressure beverages such as champagnes, ciders, sparkling wines, and some beers require a seal which prevents the escape of gases while at the same time preserving the correct gas pressure within the bottles. Champagne corks produced from natural cork are the perfect stoppers to achieve this critical sealing capability.

Price is per Each.

Item Code: wcagg-48x30.5

Price: CAD ‎1.50

  • Interesting tidbit:
    Champagne corks are “straight” before they are put into the bottle. The “mushroom” shape is a result of the inserted portion of the cork being compressed in the bottle. Once pulled from the bottle the lower part of that portion of the stopper (the natural cork discs) continues to expand shaping itself into a “mushroom”.
    If you are looking for the "mushroom" shaped champagne stoppers, you can find them under Recycled Champagne Corks (*** Mushroom shaped champagne corks are not for bottling - it means they have been used and you cannot re-insert a champagne cork into a bottle as the cork is expanding ).
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