Champagne Corks

High quality cork stoppers specially designed to withstand the pressure created by champagnes and sparkling wines.


Champagne Cork 48mmx30.5mm More Details...

Champagne Cork 48mm x 30.5mm.

Price is per each.

Item Code: wcagg-48x30.5

Price: $1.05



Recycled Champagne Cork - Bag of 100 More Details...

Recycled champagne corks with a variety of designs, printing and sizes. These previously used champagne corks are great for crafts and other hobbies.
Note: These champagne corks are not intended for bottling champagne

Sold per bag of 100.

Item Code: wccharecycle-b100

Price: $52.00



Champagne & Beer Cork Stopper - 44x24mm More Details...

This agglomerate Champagne & Beer Cork Stopper is designed to handle the pressure created from the beer/champagne.

Dimensions: 44mm x 24mm

Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. Price is per piece.

Item Code: wcagm-44x24

Price: $0.35