Bartop (t-top) Cork Stoppers

Jelinek Cork bartop (t-top) cork stoppers and closures are available in a variety of styles including but not limited to: wood top, plastic top, cork stems, synthetics stems.

Select to sort by Stem Diameter or by Closure Style to see the options available.

Stem diameter will show all bartop closure stems with selected diameter. Closure / Stopper Style will show all bartop closures with the characteristics selected.

Select by either Stem Diameter or by Closure / Stopper Style.


  • 18.0mm Stem Diameter
  • 18.5mm Stem Diameter
  • 19.0mm Stem Diameter
  • 19.5mm Stem Diameter
  • 20.0mm Stem Diameter
  • 21.0mm Stem Diameter
  • 22.0mm Stem Diameter
  • 22.5mm Stem Diameter
  • 23.0mm Stem Diameter


  • Plastic Cap, Cork Stem
  • Wood Cap, Cork Stem
  • Plastic Cap, Synthetic Stem