Recycled Champagne Cork - Bag of 100

Recycled champagne corks with a variety of designs, printing and sizes.
Give these previously used champagne corks a second life - great for crafts and other

Note: These champagne corks are not intended for bottling champagne.

Sold per bag of 100.

Item Code: wccharecycle-b100

Price: CAD ‎77.20

  • Note: Champagne corks are “straight” before they are put into the bottle. The “mushroom” shape is a result of the inserted portion of the cork being compressed in the bottle. Once pulled from the bottle the lower part of that portion of the stopper (the natural cork discs) continues to expand shaping itself into a “mushroom”. The "mushroom" shape will be more defined in some recycled champagne corks than in others.
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